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Creative business

Other than software, you can protect also other outcomes of creative activities.


Music, film, literary works. Or design. Think also of the protection of these rights.


Copyright towards the outcomes of creative works are usually managed by collective management bodies. Corresponding relationships are very often very complicated.

Copyright protection is automatic. Contrary to that, designs are registered. 

An image depicting concept of a copyrigh
An image of a concept of a licensing agreement in show business.jpg

What I can do

I can help you with preparation of

  • licensing agreements

  • contracts with graphics

  • analysis of the appropriate tool for protection of your work

  • registration of design


+420 608700136

Mgr. Lukas Pelcman, advokát

Ostrovní 126/30

110 00 Praha 1, CZ

Reg No. 17241090

Bar No. (ČAK): 20366

Inbox: 374hw45

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