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Technology and IT

Software "eats the world". Do not underestimate corresponding legal aspects.


Suitable solution will help you avoid lot of stress and money later on.


Think in advance and make sure that you hold the rights to your product.

An appropriate setup of a framework for cooperation between entrepreneur and developer may prevent unpleasant situations later on in your entrepreneurial story. 

An image of an abstraction of a concept
An image of a concept of the computation

What I can do

I can help you with preparation of

  • licensing agreements

  • contracts with graphics and developers

  • framework agreements

  • terms and conditions for your business

  • corporate setup


+420 608700136

Mgr. Lukas Pelcman, advokát

Ostrovní 126/30

110 00 Praha 1, CZ

Reg No. 17241090

Bar No. (ČAK): 20366

Inbox: 374hw45

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