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Small businesses and freelancers

Does the volume of work increasing, though the fully committed inhouse lawyer is not necessary yet? Try hiring an external inhouse. 

External inhouse is somewhere in between inhouse counsel and external attorney. Compared to hiring external counsel, you can benefit from deeper integration into the processes in your firm. Also the fee for the services tends to be more flexible.

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Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

What I can do

I can help you with

  • corporate agenda

  • labour law & HR 

  • supplier contracts

  • terms & conditions 

  • data protection

  • compliance


email me -->

+420 608700136

Mgr. Lukas Pelcman, advokát

Ostrovní 126/30

110 00 Praha 1, CZ

Reg No. 17241090

Bar No. (ČAK): 20366

Inbox: 374hw45

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