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What Are the Fees and How Much Money Do Domain Disputes Cost?

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The total cost of domain name disputes usually consists of two components:

  1. official administrative fees for the ADR proposal, and

  2. attorney’s fees.

Official fees for domain disputes

The amount of the official fees depends on the platform you choose to file your claim on, as well as the type of domain name in dispute.

The Arbitration Centre of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides its services in the area of generic domain name disputes (under the UDRP) for a fee of USD 1,500 (approx. EUR 1,240).

The official fee to the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) for a petition in a UDRP dispute is EUR 800, although it may be decided to increase it by a further EUR 300 in view of the complexity of the case. The fee will also be increased if the opposing party (the holder of the disputed domain name) submits a statement of defence. The official fee in such a case is EUR 1,100.

For <.eu> domain name disputes, the fees are currently only EUR 100 on all platforms. Indeed, the <.eu> domain administrator (registry) EURid subsidises the price for <.eu> domain name disputes until at least 31 December 2023. This discount has been extended several times in the past, so it can be assumed that it will be maintained in the future.

Disputes over <.cz> domains are arbitrated only by the CAC for a total price of CZK 34,000 (approx. EUR 1,300). In relation to Slovak <.sk> domain names, the Arbitration Centre of the European Information Society Institute (EISI) is the only arbitration platform and offers its services for EUR 1,150.






1,500 USD

100 EUR


800-1,100 EUR

100 EUR

34,000 CZK


1,150 EUR

The above prices apply to disputes involving 1-5 domain names and where one arbitrator is arbitrating, higher rates will apply in the case of disputes involving more than 5 domain names or where the dispute is arbitrated by a panel of arbitrators, according to the relevant price lists.

Attorney’s fees

The second component of the costs of domain name disputes is contractual in nature and depends on the agreement of the parties. I offer my services for representation in ADR proceedings at a fixed rate of EUR 850.

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