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Together with a product or service, the brand is at the very heart of every successful business.


Make a first step towards its effective protection. Register a trademark.

What is it?

Trademark grants a right to use the mark and, at the same time, prevent others from using the same or similar mark within the course of their business activities.

In particulat, word mark or figurative mark can be registered. However, other than that, there are also more exotic kinds of trademarks, such as sound marks, or shape marks and others.

A flashy image of a trademark
An image of colourful hourglass pop art

Where, what and how long?

Trademarks are always registered for particular territory. There is no such thing as global mark.

It follows that trademarks are registered always for particular goods or services.

They are registered for 10 years. Then they can be renewed repeatedly until you want the mark protected.

How much does it cost?

2.500 CZK

My fee: Clearance search and report.

6.000 CZK

My fee: Draft application and filing.

5.000 CZK

Official fee: Czech application, 3 classes.

1.050 EUR

Official fee: EU application, 3 classes.

What is the process?


Initial consultation. Clearance search.

2-7 days


Drafting and filing of the application.

2-5 days


Formal exam. Publication.

2-3 weeks


Oppo. period. (Oppo. procedure)

3 m. (12-18 m.)


Registration of the trademark

3-4 weeks

Want a trademark?

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Or do you need help and to discuss something first?

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