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Brand protection, domain disputes & IT law


Brand protection


Together with the product or service and the sales vector, the brand represents equally important part of a successful business. Its protection, like protection of the product itself, must therefore be taken seriously. There are many ways to protect your brand. I can help you with registering your brand as well as with the enforcement against copycats. 

IP Scan


IP scan is a service designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, which helps with better orientation in the world of intellectual property. Its main functions include identifying tools suitable for protection of your intellectual property rights. The (EU) SME Fund covers 90 % of the costs of the IP Scan service from the corresponding grant. I am certified provider of this service. Let me know if you are interest for more.

Data protection


Privacy and data protection is a serious matter. I can help you with navigating through the regulation and with setting up a proper framework for what is necessary from the regulatory standpoint, to be fully GDPR compliant.

Domain disputes


You already have a trademark, so now it's time to protect your rights in relation to domain names. Domain names help with further brand awareness and are often just as important as the trademark itself. There is a specific proceedings for claiming domain names from infringers. I can help you with navigating through such proceedings.



Aside from the brand protection and intellectual property, each business has to sort out much more legal topics in order to be able to carry on with their activities, such as company formation, formal setup between the shareholders, ESOP for employees and more. I can help with all that as well.

IT law & software


There are situations in which clients do not immediately think about protecting software rights in the first place. Those include relationships between a technology company or startup and its suppliers. However, setting up an appropriate cooperation regime and clearly defined roles between the parties involved should always be kept in mind from the outset. This will prevent unnecessary frustration and unpleasant situations in the later stages of your business story.

Lukas Pelcman Advokát


I am qualified Czech attorney (advokát) with more than 5 years of experience in the fields of Intellectual Property & IT law, in particular with brand protection, domain disputes and software licensing.

Other than that I can help also with corporate setup, terms & conditions, employee motivation schemes (ESOP) and data protection.

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Czech Republic


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